The album itself is based on the tale of the struggle of a whole generation of youngsters coming from the southern part of Italy.

The sound is elegant, nostalgic on purpose.

The music plays along with lyrics full of melancholy, bitterness and rage, in which the protagonist speaks intimately of the hard times we all are living, of the sorrow for an incertain future, of a context that seems to have given up on life. Cactus Bloom is the metaphore of a difficult environment like the desert and how, in this ambient, the miracle of blossoming can happen. We must be able to understand that life always win: it’s engraved in our DNA.

The events hitting our life right now strenghten the message inside the tune and this is the reason that led us to tell this tale directly from our homes, where we are secluded at the moment. We share the restriction with all the people on the planet and so, along with this, we all share the uncertainty about the future Road to Valencia - MAY 2019

That time when
we drank with ukrainians

On May 3rd 2019, after a long battle, El Rojo won the European Festival "Road to Valencia 2019" promoted by


From all Europe


Of online legs


1 single winner

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Our Roadtrip Journal
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